Duke of Trentonshire, father of the Former Empress Rachel I, dies at 44

11016485_648917428547909_1422137236_n10 DECEMBER 2016 – Pleston/Leganisberg The father of the Former Empress Rachel I, the Duke of Trentonshire, died at the 2 December 2016 at just a young age of 44. The cause of death is still unknown so far, but it is related to some heart problems the Duke had since he was born. Former Empress Rachel I had informed the Emperor about his father’s death just yesterday after leaving the Lounge in Skype due to notifications.

Members of the Reichsversammlung have offered their condolences such as the Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Renwick; the Duke of Dolonia, Michael Onff; Kit Mcarthy; Horatio Eden; Keenan Clough and the Duke of Pleston. The Former Empress left the Lounge and the Quorum of the Reichsversammlung whilst in the midst of a debate about Mr. Greiner’s request for citizenship. Mr. Greiner has also offered his condolences saying that he ‘has no words to say’. The Emperor had declare a 12-day mourning period yesterday in honour of the Duke.

It is to be noted that the title of the Duke of Trentonshire was granted posthumously by the Emperor to the father of the Former Empress as his de facto name since the Former Empress wishes not to reveal their names. The Former Empress via an obituary has said that her father ‘gave so much, worked so hard for the family, and asked for so little. He always put the family first’ and that he did not deserve to die. His funeral is to be held today in Leganisberg, with the entire family of the Former Empress and the Earl of Huleton. He is survived by his two children and the Duchess of Trentonshire.

The Abeldane Times sends their condolences to the Former Empress and her family in this time of grief. May he rest in peace.


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