Referendum ends with 90% in favour of the Monarchy


From left to right: the Emperor, the Former Empress Rachel and the Duke of Pleston

01 NOVEMBER 2016 – PLESTON The Monarchical referendum, held on the 27 October, ended with 90.2% in favour of the Monarchy and the other 9.8% in opposition to the present Monarchy. The question asked on the referendum was ‘Do you support the Imperial and Royal Monarchy our Empire presently have and do you have the confidence on His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty?’. All citizens were eligible to vote, even those unregistered voters, and 58% of the population of the Empire turned out for the referendum.

The referendum was declared by the Emperor stating the reason as he’d ‘rather see the opinion of the people whether they still like the monarchy or not.’ He also added “I am an absolute monarch, but at the same time, a constitutional monarch. This is why I call myself informally as the Abeldane Emperor; to represent the people of our Empire”. Some voters voted out of principle due to their belief in republicanism as they have stated in the Lounge in Skype.

During the referendum, the Reichswahlkomm received 5 spoiled ballot votes with the names ‘Ann Pinion’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Stephanie, Abeldane Empress’ (in reference to the Emperor’s previous statement calling himself as a popular monarch), ‘memelord’ and ‘Karl Marx’. The Reichswahlkomm has still not yet determined who submitted such votes and if ever found out will be punished. All the spoiled votes were for a no vote.

Some citizens had stated their opinion about the referendum like the King of St. Castle, Emiel I, and the King of Demirelia, Patrick I. The King of Demirelia said that he  has ‘every confidence the support for the monarchy will be an overwhelming majority’, whilst the King of St. Castle questioned the Emperor on why he is holding a referendum that is the most defining characteristic of Abelden, but he added that nonetheless he was still voting for the Monarchy.

The Emperor had announced during the referendum that this will be the only time a referendum that questions the Monarchy will be ever held and that no further referendums will be held with the same questions.

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