Glaciania, Leganisberg and Deoter annexed to Alenshka

new-coa-greater12 September 2016 – PLESTON On the 10 September 2016, the Duchies Annexation Act was passed in the Reichsversammlung officially annexing the Duchies of Glaciania, Leganisberg and Deoter into the Kingdom of Alenshka and therefore reducing the states from 15 to 12.

The act was proposed by the Emperor during their weekly session as the three duchies have become inactive lately, and the Duchess of Leganisberg already withdrawing from micronational affairs. “It was important to have all the federal states to become active as it is the core of activity within the Empire itself” the Emperor said.  During the session, a discussion was done regarding the bill and no MPs were in opposition, but concerns were raised by the Duke of Nayhemia in regards to a creation of a map for Abelden and the Emperor will start to collaborate with him in regards to a creation of such map.

The bill passed with 5-0 votes and became an Act of the Parliament on the same day. The seats of Glaciania, Leganisberg and Deoter in the Reichsversammlung are to be transferred to Alenshka; therefore increasing Alenshka’s seats from 5 to 8. The state coat of arms will remain unedited for the time being and will continue to be in the same design until a new one is approved by the Reichsversammlung. The titles of Duke of Deoter, Leganisberg and Glaciania were transferred to the titles of the Emperor and therefore are now integral in his full titles. The three duchies became cities in Alenshka, retaining their flags and names and arms respectively, and were assigned to their respective administrative regions.

Further changes to Abelden’s federal structure will take place further to reassure of the changes in the federal states and in legal manner.

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