Regency ends, Reichsräte established


31 August 2016 – PLESTON The Regency, which was established last year, formally ended today with the position of Prince Regent being abolished by the Emperor. The Prince Regent was responsible for handling most of the works and duties that the Emperor is required to do so, but so far (even until the abolition), no Prince Regent has done his/her duties and the Emperor remain active throughout the time, it was merely a honorific position.

The Regency was replaced by the Reichsräte, which translates to Imperial Counsellors. Four Counsellors are appointed to it. The Reichsräte was responsible now for representing the Emperor and for doing the duties vested upon the Emperor. It was decided by the Emperor to replace the regency with the Reichsräte so that several people may do the duties of the Emperor in the case one person in the Reichsräte was not able to do his/her duties. The people below were appointed to the Reichsräte:

  • Mike Lewis, Duke of Volkania
  • Patrick I, King of Demirelia
  • Edward I, Prince of East Nedland
  • Emiel I, King of St. Castle (former Prince Regent)

His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty announced also today that he was to be on leave starting from today, with an exception on the holidays, since school was about to start. He has also appointed a Reichsräte in Legatia, with the following people in it:

  • Kerry Stapleton, Prime Minister of Legatia
  • Mike Lewis, Duke of Volkania
  • Rachel I, Former Empress and Queen
  • Edward Greiner, Baron Greiner

There have been four Prince/Princess Regent of Abelden, the first of which was the Prince Donald, Duke of Pleston and the last was Emiel I, King of St. Castle. There will be no time in the future the regency to be established again since the Reichsrate is present.

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