King of St. Castle abdicates

02 August 2016 – Pleston On the 29 July 2016, the King of St. Castle, Dallin Langford, abdicated from his throne after he announced that he was to resign from all his offices and citizenships from the micronational community. He was also to leave the community itself. He announced his abdication and resignation as Director of the Abeldane Intelligence Agency during a session of the Reichsversammlung on the same day and was motioned by the Speaker, the Emperor, which passed with unanimous support from all MPs.

During that same day, a new King of St. Castle was appointed after Emiel Hardy, the Grand Prince of Sinoland and Vorsitzender, announced his candidacy and was approved on the same day with unanimous support from all MPs, including the former King himself. The Grand Prince had to abdicate his throne and he was succeeded by Nuri I, the Prince of Radon. Hardy himself was also appointed as Director of the AIA by the Emperor.

During the session last Sunday, the Reichsversammlung paid tribute to the former King of St. Castle and MPs gave their statements regarding the former King’s contribution to the micronational community and the Empire.

Mike Lewis, the First Minister of Demirelia, gave his statement during the session:

The former King of St. Castle has been a cornerstone throughout the national and international community. It is a sad day to see him resign from this very house. However, I wish him all the best for the future and hope that we may see his return someday soon.

The King of Demirelia, Patrick I, also echoed Lewis’ statement and said of him as “an important member of the community in my opinion, and a good friend of mine.”. The Emperor gave the former King a personal gift of a peerage of the title Earl of New Douala ‘for his contributions to the Empire and the micronational community’. The Emperor had paid tribute to him during a session of the Grand Unified Micronational, of which he said:

…I wish Mr. Langford all the best in his travails and I do hope to see him return once more.

The Abeldane Times do wish the former King all the best in the future and may he be a successful as everyone else.

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