New federal monarchs appointed

random flags abelden.png

Flags of some of the new federal states with the Coat of arms of Abelden.

2 July 2016 – PLESTON The Emperor appointed new federal monarchs to succeed him from the nations that joined Abelden and which the Emperor was monarch of. Monarchs were chosen carefully by the Reichsversammlung and the Imperial Government before the referendum took place. All the candidates for monarchs were asked for permission and gladly did so.

Out of all the federal states, Alenshka only remained as the Emperor’s throne and will become the seat of the monarchy. Out of all the kingdoms that joined, only Alenshka and Legabelden remained as kingdoms. Harry Fitzpatrick was appointed as King of Legabelden to succeed the Emperor. Demirelia became from an empire to a kingdom and Patrick I, the Co-Emperor of Demirelia and current Emperor of Paravia, became King of Demirelia. The Emperor had also abdicated as Co-Emperor of Demirelia to give way for Patrick I. Bosmansk was renamed to the Principality of Stella, with Nicholai I, the current Emperor of Forvania, became the Sovereign Prince after accepting the candidacy. Dolangrad became a grand duchy and the newly created Earl of Reginazberg became the new grand duke. Sinoland became the first and only grand principality among all of the federal states, with Ned Greiner becoming the grand prince. The Duchy of Nedland was renamed to the Principality of East Nedland and thereby retaining Ned Greiner as Prince.

Other new states that joined were the Kingdom of Morgannwg, formerly the Democratic Kingdom of Amon Lasgalen, which was headed by the Duke of Creton as Llewelyn I, King of Morgannwg. The Grand Duchy of Alexander was formed by Michael Thomas Brazeau and became the Grand Duke afterwards. Two cities became a duchy: Frostyland became the Duchy of Glaciania, with the Emperor as duke; and Deoter became the Duchy of Deoter, with the Prince Donald, Duke of Pleston becoming duke. The Duchy of Leganisberg was established for the Former Empress and therefore became the duchess. A new principality was also created for Princess Leonida, the Duchess of Artyion, the Principality of Skandberg. The Kingdom of St. Castle was also created by Dallin Langford, the current Premier of Cinnamon Creek, and became its first king. The last one to be created was the Grand Duchy of Bergendorf, with Angelo Geulin becoming the grand duke.

Out of the 15 federal states, there were 5 kingdoms, 1 grand principality, 3 grand duchies, 3 duchies, and 3 principalities. There were 7 constitutional monarchies, 7 absolute monarchies and 1 constitutional and absolute monarchy (Alenshka). Each federal monarchs were a Member of the Reichsversammlung and had a vote.

Below are the new federal states in order and the monarchs of the respective states:

  • Kingdom of Alenshka – Emperor Stephen
  • Kingdom of Demirelia – Patrick Renwic
  • Kingdom of Morgannwg – Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton
  • Kingdom of Legabelden – Harry Fitzpatrick, Duke of Jonhstown
  • Kingdom of St. Castle – Dallin Langford
  • Grand Principality of Sinoland – Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner
  • Grand Duchy of Dolangrad – Isaac Billena, Earl of Reginazberg
  • Grand Duchy of Alexander – Michael Thomas Brazeau
  • Grand Duchy of Bergendorf – Angelo Geulin
  • Duchy of Glaciania – Emperor Stephen
  • Duchy of Leganisberg – Empress Rachel I, the Former Empress
  • Duchy of Deoter – Prince Donald, Duke of Pleston
  • Principality of Stella – Nicholai Frediksson
  • Principality of East Nedland – Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner
  • Principality of Skandberg – Leonida, Duchess of Artyion

All cities of the empire before were now absorbed into Alenshka and Pleston and Alexton became the capital of Alenshka. The crown dependencies remain under the state and the orders of chivalry and titles remained the same.

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