Referendum ends in favour of a federal monarchy

Man hand with pen over document select Yes or No.

30 June 2016 – PLESTON The referendum for a federal monarchy ended today at 1:45 EST, asking the citizens whether should Abelden become a federal monarchy and annex all joining nations or retain the current state as of now.

The referendum ended today with a 92.85% in favour of a federal monarchy and 7.15% in favour of retaining the same state as of now. Voter turnout was 70%, one of the lowest voter turnout Abelden has had. Out of 40 citizens, only 28 citizens voted; 26 in favour and 2 against.

The referendum is officially an official decision by the Reichsversammlung and the Imperial Government, alongside the Monarch too. It also meant that Alenshka, Demirelia, Legabelden, Bosmansk, Morgannwg, Dolangrad, Sinoland will be annexed into Abelden and will become federal states. No Act of the Parliament will be made since this is an official decision already and once the voting had closed at 1:45 EST, that meant that Abelden became officially a federal monarchy.

The Emperor will also abdicated on the thrones of the said nations above and will appoint their respective Monarchs to replace him, except for Alenshka which will become the home and official seat of the Abeldane Monarchy. The leaders of the mentioned nations will release a statement regarding their annexations as well as those new states joining the federal empire.

The Imperial Central Bank will release as well on this day a new definitive third series of banknotes for Abelden in commemoration of the referendum. Stay tuned for more news to come regarding the new changes in Abelden!

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