Referendum on a Federal monarchy to be held on 30 June

Man hand with pen over document select Yes or No.

27 June 2016 – PLESTON Today, the Imperial Government has decided to hold a referendum this 30 June 2016 whether should Abelden become a federal monarchy or should it retain the same status. The referendum will also take place on some of the Commonwealth members which the Emperor is monarch of. Alenshka, Legabelden, Demirelia, Dolangrad, Sinoland and Bosmansk will be the nations that will become the new federal states in Abelden and there are also some new federal states that would be established. The said nations will hold also the same referendum whether they should join Abelden or not.

The Imperial Government had been discussing the possibility already before and so it will finally happen. The referendum will become the final decision of the Reichsversammlung and the Emperor and whatever outcome will come out will be the final result. Emperor Stephen himself had talks with the Reichsversammlung and the Co-Emperor of Demirelia, Patrick I. The Co-Emperor of Demirelia had agreed already to the terms proposed by the Emperor Stephen and will become ‘King of Demirelia’ once  the referendum received a ‘Yes’ majority vote. Llewelyn Lawton, the Duke of Creton has also planned joining Abelden as a federal state with his micronation, Morgannwg; the newly renamed Amon Lasgalen, and is looking forward to join Abelden as a federal state. All feedback from each citizen has been positive and the referendum will likely receive a ‘yes’ vote.

There have been already plans for the federal monarchy and it will be based on the historical German Empire. Alenshka will become the seat of the Abeldane Monarchy and the Alenshkan Monarch, which is Emperor Stephen, will retain the position as Abeldane Emperor. Since Emperor Stephen is currently head of state in all said micronations joining, the Emperor has mentioned that he will abdicate in the said nations and appoint a specific person to become the monarch. All nations will have the same parliament, the Reichsversammlung, so as to avoid any problems. Each federal state will have its own head of government, depending on the type of government. Below is the list of nations joining and to-be-created states for Abelden and with their respective official candidate for monarch:

  • Alenshka – HI&REM the Emperor (currently King of Alenshka as well)
  • Demirelia – Patrick I of Paravia (currently Emperor of Demirelia)
  • Legabelden – Rachel I, the Former Empress
  • Morgannwg – Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton (currently King of Morgannwg)
  • Dolangrad – HI&RH Prince Donald, the Duke of Pleston
  • Sinoland – Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner
  • Bosmansk – Damian I (currently King of the Bosmanians as well)
  • Duchy of Nedland (Abeldane Nedland) – Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner (currently Duke of Nedland)

States that are to be created

  • Kingdom of St. Castle – Dallin Langford
  • Grand Duchy of Alexander – Michael Thomas Brazeau

It has also been announced that Dolangrad and Sinoland will become into a Grand Duchy and Bosmansk and the Duchy of Nedland will become into a principality.

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