Emperor declares new holidays in Abelden

20 JANUARY 2016  PLESTON – Today, the Emperor declared two new holidays in Abelden, the Autism Acceptance Day and the Anxiety and Depression Week. the AAD takes place every 2 April whilst the Anxiety and Depression Week takes place at the first week of May. The Autism Acceptance Day was dedicated specifically to the Former Empress Rachel I, who has autism and is a prominent member in the community.

AAD was originally supposed to be named as Autism Awareness Day, but the Former Empress changed it to Acceptance instead of awareness so as to let autistic people be accepted into the society.

“This new holidays will give more importance to the disabled people or the depressed people in Abelden and that through this we should show the importance, awareness, acceptance of all people who are in need and disabled. The Former Empress shows an example to Abelden and the Commonwealth the importance of it and that we must tolerate them even if we feel disgusted.”, the Emperor commented.

This holiday is also a part of the Disabled Abeldanes Act, which was created by the Former Empress herself, as a part to increase the tolerance and awareness of all disabled people in Abelden.

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