General Elections results; Emperor dissolves and opens new Reichversammlung

24 – 25 DECEMBER 2015 Pleston – Today, the results for the General Elections are announced with Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton begins his second term as Vorsitzender and Harry Fitzpatrick, Duke of Johnstown begins his first term as Stellvertreter. This is the first General Elections where only the Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter are only voted and the next elections would be the same. All other offices are now appointed by the Emperor or the Vorsitzender themselves directly. As well as today, the Emperor dissolves the 2nd Reichsversammlung today (24 December) and opens the 3rd Reichsversammlung today (25 December) as to coincide with the general elections.

GE 2.png

The elections for Vorsitzender had been a bit of trouble since Pawel Sadowski, the leader of National Platform, originally had 22 votes, which was impossible since the total voters counted to 39 which was impossible, and that this vote was reduced to 1 vote after the Emperor saw that it was possible to vote once more. Sadowski denied that he did not vote 22 times.

After that result, the Emperor then asked citizens to suggest sites from citizens that is secure for voting and found one. This time, it was for Stellvertreter and the voters turnout was only 6 out of 32 citizens. There was a tie between Harry Fitzpatrick, Duke of Johnstown and Alexei Janiszewski, the Duke of Nayhemia and a second election was done; this time the Duke of Johnstown won from 5 – 0.

The new Stellvertreter and the Vorsitzender will take their office on the 25 December 2015 and will have their new cabinet appointed later on or so.

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