2015 General Election results

The 2015 General Election results are released today. Citizens and people from a specific place voted from the 15 until the 16 July for their favored candidates. The parliament had a trial on letting a specific people vote on the general elections to see whether they would prefer a left-wing or right-winged even though they do not know these people. This general elections will be the first and the last to let people from the outsiders vote, but this is the first time that the Imperial Government to use an online voting system and will continue to use this system in the next general elections.

Below are the results of the General Elections:

  • Vorsitzender: Damian Billbrough (Conservative)
  • Stellvertreter: Llewlyn Lawton (NDP)
  • Chancellor: Vaughan Smith (NDP)
  • Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs: Alexei Janiszewski (NDP)
  • Minister of Defense: Pawel Sadowski (BMP)
  • Minister of Ethnical Affairs: HIRM The Former Empress, Rachel I (Elizabeth Legata) (Independent)
  • Minister of Media and Public Affairs: Donald West (NDP)
  • Minister of Education and Culture: HIRM The Former Empress, Rachel I (Elizabeth Legata) (Independent)

The new cabinet are officially appointed into their offices and are to serve officially starting on the 16 July 2015. The new cabinet is expected to have a meeting with The Emperor within this month or next month.

2015 General Elections results

The 2015 General Elections results broken down into a pie chart


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